Journey through the illustrious history of Colt with Advanced Arms, your dedicated purveyor for this iconic American brand. Since Samuel Colt’s inaugural patent in 1836, Colt has exemplified the pinnacle of firearms innovation, blending the masterful craftsmanship of yesteryears with the technological advancements of today. At Advanced Arms, we take pride in showcasing a diverse range of Colt’s distinguished firearms, from the timeless Single Action Army revolver to the revolutionary M16 rifle. Every Colt piece embodies excellence, catering to both aficionados and new entrants in the shooting realm. Browse our curated Colt selection and recognize why this brand remains a trailblazer in the firearms industry. Commence your Colt and Advanced Arms adventure now.

Colt Firearms Spectrum

Colt, a beacon in the firearms domain, boasts a comprehensive lineup of esteemed guns, highlighting its legacy of innovation and craftsmanship.


From the groundbreaking Walker in 1847 to the renowned Cobra series, Colt’s revolvers have set the bar in firearm excellence, promising precision and durability.


Colt’s dedication to the US military is unwavering. Throughout history, from the Single Action Army revolver to the M16 rifle, Colt has been a trusted ally in defense.


The Colt 1911, adopted as the US Government’s standard, is a testament to Colt’s prowess in automatic pistol design, further showcased in the Commander series.

Colt: A Legacy of Innovation and Craftsmanship

From Samuel Colt’s visionary start in 1836 to the present day, Colt stands as a symbol of American innovation and superior gun-making. Their chronicles, interwoven with historic moments like the introduction of the Gatling Gun or the engraving mastery in their Custom Shop, showcase Colt’s evolution while staying true to its foundational values. Colt doesn’t merely manufacture firearms; it crafts legends, each piece echoing the company’s prestigious history and anticipating the future.

Selecting Your Colt Masterpiece

Choosing a firearm is an intimate experience, and at Advanced Arms, our dedicated team ensures you find the Colt that resonates with your needs. Guided by your preferences, shooting aspirations, and level of expertise, we’ll help you navigate our expansive Colt portfolio.

Firearm Maintenance and Preservation

To uphold the stellar performance and quality of your Colt firearm, diligent maintenance is key. At Advanced Arms, our selection of cleaning tools and kits are designed specifically for the longevity of your piece. Our seasoned team stands ready, eager to provide insights on Colt care, from meticulous cleaning procedures to best storage practices.