Dive deep into the world of Daniel Defense with Advanced Arms, your dedicated supplier for this distinguished American brand. Established in 2000 by the visionary Marty Daniel in Black Creek, Georgia, Daniel Defense embodies the essence of meticulous American craftsmanship with an unwavering commitment to firearm innovation. Advanced Arms is honored to present an expansive range of Daniel Defense’s handcrafted firearms, from state-of-the-art AR15-style rifles to bolt-action rifles. Every Daniel Defense creation promises superior performance, serving both seasoned firearms aficionados and those just beginning their journey. Navigate our handpicked Daniel Defense collection and appreciate the exceptional standards consistently maintained by this iconic brand. Launch your Advanced Arms and Daniel Defense experience now.

Daniel Defense Firearm Range

Daniel Defense, an icon in the firearms industry, offers a versatile selection of premium rifles and pistols.

AR15-style Rifles

Venture into the unparalleled world of Daniel Defense AR15-style rifles, revered by defense professionals and shooting enthusiasts alike. Renowned for their unmatched accuracy and robust build, these rifles are equipped to perform even in the most rigorous conditions.

Bolt-action Rifles

Daniel Defense bolt-action rifles symbolize precision and trustworthiness. Addressing a variety of shooting disciplines, from adventurous expeditions to precision-target shooting, Daniel Defense rifles showcase unparalleled excellence.

Daniel Defense’s Heritage and Craftsmanship

Incepted in 2000, Daniel Defense’s brand stands as a testament to uncompromising quality, detailed design, and remarkable performance. Central to Daniel Defense’s acclaim is its fusion of time-honored craftsmanship with groundbreaking advancements. Every firearm crafted in Daniel Defense’s domain isn’t just a weapon—it’s a symbol of history, deep-rooted in tradition but pioneering in its functionalities.

Choosing Your Perfect Daniel Defense Firearm

Picking out the ideal firearm is a personal journey. Allow the specialists at Advanced Arms to guide you through this adventure. Understanding your specific desires, inclinations, and level of expertise, we’ll help you navigate our extensive Daniel Defense selection.

Firearm Upkeep and Care

Maintaining the impeccable quality and functionality of your Daniel Defense firearm necessitates consistent care and upkeep. Advanced Arms offers an array of cleaning tools and accessories custom-fit for the maintenance of your firearm. Additionally, our seasoned experts are on hand to share insights on everything from cleansing techniques to optimum storage methods for your treasured Daniel Defense piece.