Dive into the narrative of Kimber with Advanced Arms, your premier destination for outstanding firearms. Kimber stands as a pinnacle of American firearm craftsmanship, carrying forward the legacy of the golden age of gunmaking. Assembling every firearm with unparalleled precision, Kimber ensures a symphony of modern techniques and practiced hands, leaving no room for compromise in materials, features, or performance.

A Glance at Kimber’s Renowned Firearm Collection 

Experience the fusion of innovation and tradition as you explore a lineup that resonates with Kimber’s commitment to excellence and the authentic spirit of American gunmaking.

1911 Pistols

Paving the way for Kimber’s firearm journey, 1911 pistols showcased precision, reliability, and classic beauty. These pistols sparked a legacy that would soon branch into a diversified range of firearms.

Bolt-action Rifles 

Building upon their legacy, Kimber introduced bolt-action rifles, soon venturing into the realm of pistols and ultimately revolvers. With each introduction, the firearms community witnessed a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern performance. Today, Kimber’s stature as America’s leading manufacturer of premium production firearms remains uncontested.

Quality: The Core of Kimber

At Kimber, success is synonymous with unmatched quality and unwavering customer satisfaction. Their approach transcends the metrics of sales volume or market share. Whether it’s for defense, hunting, or competition, Kimber understands that for its patrons, the firearm’s quality is paramount. This ethos is ingrained in every Kimber team member, a group of passionate shooters and hunters.Kimber’s commitment to excellence has garnered attention and trust from elite organizations such as the USA Shooting Team, LAPD™ SWAT, and United States Marines under Central Command. Furthermore, Kimber’s distinction as the world’s foremost producer of 1911 pistols stands as a testament to their quality. From the challenging terrains of Alaska to the wild expanses of Africa, hunters have placed their trust in Kimber rifles to achieve their most cherished moments. It’s clear: for those seeking unparalleled firearm quality, Kimber remains the gold standard.

Selecting Your Perfect Kimber Firearm

Navigating the world of firearms can be intricate, but with Advanced Arms, finding the right Kimber piece becomes a personalized journey. We’re dedicated to assisting you in exploring the renowned Kimber collection, ensuring the model you choose resonates with your unique needs and shooting preferences. Lean on our seasoned knowledge to connect you with Kimber’s blend of precision engineering and timeless design.

Maintaining Your Kimber Legacy 

Every Kimber firearm is a masterpiece, deserving of utmost care. Rely on Advanced Arms for expertly tailored cleaning kits and unmatched guidance, ensuring your Kimber firearm continues to represent the pinnacle of its storied legacy.