Advanced Arms is your premier supplier for this iconic American brand. Since its inception in 1816, Remington has seamlessly blended its rich heritage with cutting-edge innovation, symbolizing the synergy of time-honored traditions and contemporary firearms technology. At Advanced Arms, we proudly feature a comprehensive collection of Remington’s trailblazing ammunition, spanning everything from trusty rifles to precise handguns. Every round from Remington promises unwavering reliability, meeting the standards of both seasoned marksmen and newcomers to the shooting world. Delve into our meticulously curated Remington assortment and appreciate the brand’s unmatched dedication to quality and performance. Join the Advanced Arms and Remington journey today.

Remington Ammunition Range

Remington, a stalwart in American firearms, delivers an extensive range of quality ammunition, encompassing rifles, handguns, shotshells, and rimfire.


From hunting expeditions to marksmanship contests, Remington rifle ammunition stands out with its unparalleled consistency and accuracy, underscoring its legendary status.


Remington’s shotgun ammunition is renowned for its precision and reliability, making it a top pick for various shooting applications.


Experience the robustness of Remington shotshells, the go-to choice for hunters and sports shooters alike. Engineered for excellence, these shells are crafted to deliver time and again.

Remington’s Historic Excellence and Renewed Vision

Established in 1816, Remington’s storied journey intertwines with America’s own tapestry, from wars to peaceful hunts, and cherished moments at the range. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality revitalizes the brand, ensuring each round reflects Remington’s iconic status while looking forward to the future. Remington isn’t just a brand; it’s an enduring chapter in America’s history, constantly evolving, yet forever loyal to its illustrious roots.

Choosing Your Perfect Remington Ammunition

Selecting the right ammunition is an art and science. At Advanced Arms, our experts stand ready to guide you. With deep insights into your shooting needs and preferences, we’ll assist in navigating our vast Remington collection, ensuring a perfect match.

Ammunition Maintenance and Care

To maintain the integrity and performance of your Remington ammunition, consistent care is paramount. At Advanced Arms, we extend a range of cleaning solutions and tools tailored for your ammunition needs. Furthermore, our experienced team is always on hand to offer guidance on optimal upkeep, ensuring your Remington ammunition remains in prime condition.