With roots firmly planted in California, influenced by iconic figures such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Gary Cooper, Weatherby has cultivated a brand deeply intertwined with history. Founded by the legendary Roy Weatherby, this renowned brand symbolizes a timeless connection between classic Hollywood glamor and firearm artistry. Advanced arms proudly presents a diverse array of Weatherby’s handcrafted firearms, each exuding the brand’s long-standing promise of quality and performance. Navigate through our specially curated Weatherby collection and witness the tradition and forward-thinking that has always defined this brand. Your Advanced Arms and Weatherby journey awaits.

Weatherby Firearm Range

Weatherby, an emblem of firearm excellence, offers an extensive portfolio of top-tier guns.


Known for their precision and durability, Weatherby rifles are a testament to decades of innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. Whether for sport or defense, each rifle embodies the brand’s dedication to superior performance.


Venture into the essence of hunting with Weatherby’s specialized range. Crafted for the rugged terrains of Wyoming and beyond, these firearms offer unparalleled accuracy, making them the choice of hunters across generations.

MarkV Action

Spotting the words “Sheridan, Wyoming” on the side of a MarkV action is a nod to Weatherby’s new era. These actions, deeply rooted in the brand’s evolution, symbolize a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Weatherby’s History and Craftsmanship

Established amidst the glittering backdrop of Southern California, Weatherby’s legacy has flourished under the patronage of Hollywood legends and the visionary spirit of its founder, Roy Weatherby. The brand’s relocation to Wyoming signifies a new chapter, marked by a state-of-the-art facility, conducive regulations, and the majestic backdrop of the Bighorn Mountains. Every firearm forged in Weatherby’s hands is not merely a tool, but a chronicle—a blend of California’s golden history and Wyoming’s promising horizon.

Selecting the Ideal Weatherby Firearm

The quest for a firearm is both personal and profound. Allow the experts at Advanced Arms to guide you. By understanding your desires, requirements, and experiences, we will help you explore the vast Weatherby offerings.

Firearm Maintenance and Care

Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your Weatherby firearm requires diligent care. Advanced Arms provides an array of cleaning kits and accessories tailored for your firearm’s maintenance. Our seasoned professionals are ever ready to share insights, from cleaning techniques to optimal storage practices, for your cherished Weatherby piece.