Journey through the narrative of Ed Brown, delivered by Advanced Arms, your go-to platform for world-class firearms. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, Ed Brown unveiled the groundbreaking EVO series, pioneering the KC9 model. Slimmer, lighter, and optimized for the 9mm cartridge, the KC9 transformed perceptions of what a 1911 could be. With an enticing price point and a history of unmatched quality, the KC9 swiftly became a market sensation. Delve into the evolution of the 1911 as Advanced Arms introduces you to Ed Brown’s story of innovation, a legacy half a century in the making.

Ed Brown’s Assortment of Superior Firearms

Steeped in tradition and continually evolving, Ed Brown brings to the fore an array of remarkable firearms and parts, setting benchmarks in the world of custom handguns.

The KC9 and the EVO Series

Experience the KC9, a model that distills 50 years of gunsmithing expertise into a contemporary, evolved 1911 platform. Lighter, sleeker, and tailored for the 9mm, the KC9 represents the future of the 1911.

Performance Magazines

Discover Ed Brown’s lineage of high-performance magazines. Culminating from exhaustive testing and innovation, these magazines epitomize reliability and performance. Their success has birthed extensions like M&P Shield and Glock magazines, reflecting Ed Brown’s unwavering commitment to quality.

The Fueled Series

Venture into the world of the Fueled series, where Ed Brown’s craftsmanship meets modern firearm platforms like the S&W M&P. With custom parts that enhance accuracy and performance, Ed Brown redefines the boundaries of what a handgun can achieve.

Ed Brown’s Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

For five decades, Ed Brown has married tradition with technology. Their investments in state-of-the-art equipment, vertical integration, and a vast catalog of 1911 parts mirror their dedication to perfecting the 1911. Their customer-centric approach, showcased by their round-the-clock support system and intuitive custom build page, sets the gold standard in the industry.

Choosing Your Ideal Ed Brown Firearm

With a rich tapestry of offerings, selecting an Ed Brown firearm is a journey of personal exploration. Let Advanced Arms guide you through this expedition, ensuring that your chosen firearm aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

Firearm Maintenance and Care

Preserving the brilliance of an Ed Brown firearm demands regular care. Turn to Advanced Arms for curated cleaning kits and tools, designed specifically for Ed Brown products. With our expertise, ensure that your firearm remains a testament to Ed Brown’s unmatched craftsmanship.