Unravel the narrative of Les Baer, showcased by Advanced Arms, the hub for unrivaled firearms. Les Baer Custom, founded in the rolling landscapes of Hillsdale, Illinois in 1991, quickly emerged as the beacon of firearms quality. Les Baer, with his unwavering commitment to excellence, shaped a brand that transcends time, bringing forth a collection of M1911 pistols, meticulously crafted in the heart of Le Claire, Iowa. Dive deep into the saga of Les Baer, a journey of exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and an embodiment of American gunsmithing prowess.

Les Baer’s Array of Masterpiece Firearms

Blending tradition with innovation, Les Baer presents a spectrum of firearms, echoing unmatched quality, and attention to detail.

The M1911 Lineage

When Les Baer and renowned defensive firearm instructor, Clint Smith, put their minds together, the result was an M1911 pistol that epitomizes what a combat handgun should be. Keeping pace with the re-emergence of the 10 mm Auto cartridge, Les Baer introduced a super-accurate M1911-style hunting pistol, showcasing his unparalleled craftsmanship.

Les Baer’s Dedication to Unparalleled Excellence

From its genesis in 1991, Les Baer Custom has consistently raised the bar in firearm excellence. With a relocation from Hillsdale, Illinois to the more firearm-amiable Le Claire, Iowa, the brand continues to innovate, delivering products that exude perfection and reliability.

Selecting Your Ideal Les Baer Firearm

 Les Baer firearms are more than just guns; they’re a testament to a legacy of precision. Advanced Arms is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your chosen firearm mirrors your passion and requirements.

Firearm Maintenance and Care 

Every Les Baer firearm, with its intricate design and unparalleled quality, demands the utmost care. Trust Advanced Arms for curated cleaning kits and expert guidance, specially tailored for Les Baer products. Maintain the brilliance of your firearm and cherish its legacy of precision and craftsmanship.